Abhi Dates

We supply
Premium Quality Dates Fruit, and Dry Fruits for Wholesale, at Competitive Price


Quality Abhi Dates

Aruna Traders supply more than 12 different varieties of Premium Quality Dates for wholesale, in India. Premium Quality is the reason why we are considered a major Dates Wholesale suppliers in India. We import Dates from reputable companies and in bulk. Packaging of Dates is done in bags and cartons to retain their quality

We package and sell premium quality Iraq Dates, Iran Dates, UAE Dates, Oman Dates, Saudi Dates, Tunisia Dates, Algeria Dates, Date Syrup and Date Paste. Our major market area, are Tamilnadu & Kerla. Our vision is to supply high quality dates fruit through out India

Abhi Dates is famous for its high quality Dates

The Traditional Taste For Your Health

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